Frequently Asked Questions

We want your experience with us to be positive so we do our very best to bring great savings to you without any hassle.

  1. What is a Coupon Booklet?
    Our Coupon Booklet is the physical card you buy that you take to the business to obtain your savings.
  2. How do I receive my Booklet?
    Once you have completed payment for your card(s) and payment has been received your purchase will be mailed out to the address supplied by you during the checkout process. If you prefer pick up please choose pick up on the checkout page then continue to payment.
  3. Are there any rules I need to know when redeeming my coupons?
    There is no hidden info with our products. Below in our Rules Of Use section you can view or download the rules of use for any active products we are selling. If you have any questions than we welcome you to contact us directly.
  4. Will I incur any costs after purchasing my booklet?
    Yes the coupon booklets are savings not passes. For example a booklet
    that says 2 for 1 or half price can be used for savings with 2 people or 1 person. When using it for 2 people the first person would pay regular price and the second person would be free. If using that same coupon for 1 person that person would pay half price.

Rules of use - please read carefully
2023-24 Lakeridge Coupon Booklet